Serving the Brighton Alumni Community

Hall of Fame

The BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame is a project of the Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA) that aims to inspire students in the Brighton Central School District of Rochester, NY, by honoring outstanding Brighton High School (BHS) alumni who “make a difference.”

Hall of Fame


The BSAA Scholarship is a great way to support BHS new grads on their academic journeys; remember Brighton classmates, teachers and staff; and a meaningful use for class reunion gifts.

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Alumni Courtyard

The Brighton Alumni Courtyard is located in the center of the BHS building complex. Many BHS alumni have supported this project. You can still purchase pavers throughout the courtyard to remember friends, classmates, teams, teachers, staff and more from your BHS days.

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THe BSAA is helping with updating, renovating and improving the Library/Media Center at BHS. Projects include a beautiful piece of glass art in memory of long-time BSAA co-president Henry “Pete” French, BHS’53.

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Winning Ideas for Your Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA)

The Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA) has been involved in projects to enhance Brighton High School (BHS), provide scholarships to BHS students, and recognize the achievements and contributions of BHS alumni.

The BSAA would like to hear from you with any ideas and thoughts about how the BSAA can continue to benefit the Brighton educational community.

Please share your thoughts by filling out the BSAA Contact form. Thank you.

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